Stephen Fearing - Blowhard Nation

Stephen Fearing Releases Blowhard Nation an anti-Trump Protest Song

The multi-JUNO award winner Stephen Fearing has released Blowhard Nation, an anti-Trump protest song, and will be donating all the proceeds to the charity War Child Canada.

Stephen Fearing - Blowhard NationFor Fearing (solo artist and member of Blackie & the Rodeo Kings), both the writing and release of Blowhard Nation were influenced by anger, a keen sense of the absurd, dark humour, and a desire to help some of the people who get swept into the trash by right wing governments.

Blowhard Nation is a roots-rock anthem inspired by Stephen’s outrage over Donald Trump’s con-man campaign of hate and fear.

“I love the word blowhard – I imagine a man with a red face and neck rolling over the knot of his conservative tie. The last thing I saw before heading into the bush to write this batch of songs was the cover of a magazine featuring Donald Trump in full sneer. At that point it seemed inconceivable that such a loud-mouthed bully / con-artist could become the Republican nominee,” explained Fearing.

“In February, Trump was asked about accepting Syrian refugee children into the US. His response was sickening, “I can look in their faces and say ‘You can’t come’. I’ll look them in the face.” Trump and his supporters have lost all sense of humanity. My hope is that we can generate funds to help the very people Trump and his ilk around the world have no problem turning away.”

Blowhard Nation was originally slated to be an album cut, but it generated such positive reaction from US media after it was previewed at a recent Canadian music festival, Fearing decided to move it up to lead single of his upcoming album Every Soul’s a Sailor (slated for release January 2017).

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