Saskatchewan Green Party

Saskatchewan Green Party Demands Change For Residents With HIV/AIDS

A Saskatchewan Green Party Government would bring about Real Change for people suffering from HIV/AIDS in our province. The province’s HIV/AIDS Strategy needs to be made more aggressive with clear goals, given disturbing statistics that show First Nations have infection rates on par with those in sub-Saharan African.

It is unacceptable for anyone in Saskatchewan to suffer from HIV/AIDS, given that we have the resources to properly address this crisis. With a proper allocation of resources and clear goals, we could make HIV/AIDS history in this province in our lifetime. Our government wouldn’t waste any time bringing about this reality. Any development of a serious strategy to fight HIV/AIDs must have input from everyone affected by the crisis, both directly and indirectly.

Real Change means ending the suffering of Saskatchewan people, regardless of their illness.

Victor Lau, Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party
Regina, SK