Saskatchewan Green Party

Sask Green Party Government would restore Film Employment Tax Credit

A Saskatchewan Green Party Government would negotiate Real Change with the federal government to gain more control of issues of federal or shared responsibility. Portfolios like Agriculture should be under provincial control, so that the people of Saskatchewan can have the final say over matters that directly affect their lives. Decisions about the future of Saskatchewan shouldn’t be made in Ottawa. Decisions made in areas like Agriculture need participatory democratic input from Saskatchewan people to be effective. Participatory democracy is impossible when the big decisions are made in far-away Ottawa.

In addition to Agriculture, Immigration should be under provincial jurisdiction in Saskatchewan too so that we can properly prepare for the coming labour shortage in Saskatchewan, due to the retirement of the ‘Baby Boomers’, who make up 24% of the population. Real Change means preparing to empower Saskatchewan people to decide the future on their own terms.

The time has come to think about shifting control of Agriculture and Immigration to the Saskatchewan Government, since this election is likely the last that Brad Wall will fight as Premier before he seeks retirement.

Victor Lau, Leader of the Saskatchewan Green Party
Regina, SK