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Frank D'Angelo with bandFrank D’Angelo is one hard-working Canadian artist. D’Angelo is your classic jack of all trades entertainer and he seems to have mastered them all as well.

D’Angelo’s latest single Dreamer is rising on American AC music charts and his film Real Gangsters is playing to great reviews. Dreamer is the second single from the album Just Give Me One More Moment. D’Angelo’s latest musical performance was at the Taste of the Danforth in Toronto.

Real Gangsters is a feature-length film about New York’s Lo Giacamo crime family. The movie follows cousins Vincent and Jack Lo Giacamo and their actions in controlling their volatile and dangerous extended family. Real Gangsters made its Canadian debut at the Italian Contemporary Film Festival in Toronto, where it won their Best Canadian Film award.

With musician, author, producer, director, actor, radio host, and all-round nice guy being just some of his calling cards, media! News Magazine had to find out more about this interesting entertainer.

Here’s media! News Magazine’s interview with Frank D’Angelo:

Tell us about your film Real Gangsters – Was this your first film?

Yes this was my first film. I wrote the script about three years ago and it was my friend Nick Mancuso who pushed me to go forward with it.

It was also my first time directing but that was made easier with the superb and highly talented cast and crew that included John Savage, Robert Loggia, Nick Mancuso, Steven Bauer, Michael Pare, Margot Kidder, and Robert Mangiardi.

Frank D’Angelo

Is it true, did you complete the film in just six weeks?

Robert Loggia in Real Gangsters movie
Robert Loggia in Real Gangsters movie
That’s true. With everyone having such hectic schedules with all their different projects keeping them so busy, a condensed and compact shooting schedule meant we could get everyone together when needed to complete the film in a timely and cost effective manner.

We utilized six cameras total to ensure each shot was the best it could be and to try to get each scene on the first shot. At one point we managed to get through 60 pages in a single night. That is a lot for any production but everything went so smoothly.

Where can fans see Real Gangsters?

Right now the film is doing the film festival circuit and doing quite well at it. We sold out our NY and Toronto festival dates and got great reviews from it. The film was really well received and it was great to hear positive feedback from the viewers. The next film festival date is the Action on Film festival in California.

Tell us more about your music – how has the response been to your new album?

So far the response has been excellent. Dreamer is doing well and getting lots of airplay in the United States.

When we heard Dreamer in the office we found ourselves humming it all day long – it’s one of those songs that once it gets in your head it can be hard to shake it – have you heard this before?

*laughs – Yes, I have heard that of my music before. My good friend in New York said to me once, “Don’t send me any more songs of yours, I cannot get them out of my head!”

During the creation process when the music gets to me, that’s when I know it’s right. That’s what you aim for.

Describe your music?

R&B style, but really I’m a musician’s musician. I’m really an R&B guy – big band – Motown is my music. It’s real music for me.

What’s up next for Frank D’Angelo?

Going to keep making appearances in support of Real Gangsters and Just Give Me One More Moment. Going to get out West to British Columbia and Alberta just as soon as I can.

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