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Interview the Interviewers

Cynthia Seymour On Air Virtual NewsmakersThis week we interview the interviewers; meet Cynthia K. Seymour and Debbie Elicksen. Together they form the inspiration and drive behind the Virtual Newsmakers.

Virtual Newsmakers is a free weekly webcast show with a mandate to, “help people leverage traditional media and digital communications to create global possibilities.” Each webcast features a new guest and thus far they have included guests such as Erik Qualman, the author of Socialnomics: How Social Media Transforms the Way We Live and Do Business; John Butterill of Virtual Photo Walks; Google+ expert Yifat Cohen; founder of Verity Content Lisa D. Sparks and Co-Founder and CEO of EC3, Daniel Newman.

Debbie Elicksen with Rod Smith BroncosCynthia K. Seymour is the founder of, a social media consulting and marketing agency. When she is not busy with her agency, Cynthia is an instructor at the Academy of Art University in the New Media and Web Design Department.

Debbie Elicksen’s background includes authoring, editing, ghost writing, and project management for over 150 books. Debbie has also covered the National Hockey League for several publications and sports services, including She also claims the honour of being the first woman to headman a football conference in Canada, and she owns a healthy coffee company.

To learn more about the Virtual Newsmakers webcast and today’s media world we interviewed the interviewers and here is what they had to say:

Can you give some examples of ‘digital media’ for those unfamiliar with it?

Digital media is Internet media…any of the transmedia sources that includes webcasting, Internet radio, social networks, gaming, virtual realities… even Wire Service Media — online press release services.

In today’s media world there is a distinct transition taking place from traditional media to the digital age. Some are making that transition quite well while others are struggling. What’s your opinion on traditional media? Can it survive?

Traditional media is traditional television, radio, and newspapers and magazines.

Traditional television and radio is still viable because they have adapted to new technologies: broadcasting digitally rather than analog; some shows use transmedia to engage their audience; however television networks need to have their programming available live online or be taken over by programs like Netflix, who are now broadcasting shows exclusively online and taking a series and making all episodes available at once; as long as there are vehicles on the road, there will be radio. Most people are not going to invest in Sirius and other paid stations for a used car though.

Debbie Elicksen

Please explain for a new person to your show what it is you do?

Our mandate is to help people leverage traditional media and digital communications to create global possibilities. In other words, bridge the traditional and digital media gap. We ask our guests to share their tips and tricks and have them introduce new ideas from around the web. These tips should be useful to everyone from beginners to pros.

Why these topics?

Google+ expert Yifat CohenThere are many stuck in traditional media methods who don’t have much knowledge or don’t have the courage to brave the new digital communications. We want to help them experiment and enjoy the learning curve. For many who are veterans of the digital space, we hope to add some tips that reaffirm what they are doing or help them improve.

How do you select your guests?

We try to find guests that fit the criteria above… who are combining some form of both traditional and digital or who have made an interesting transition. We’ve been grateful to have acquired some of the digital icons, such as Chris Brogan (April 19) and Erik Qualman (August 2).

Best guest or moment thus far?

Each guest has been great and there have been many standout moments with each. Cynthia may have another moment or guest from her perspective, but for me, Jim Moss of the Smile Epidemic was the most moving and inspiring story. I knew Jim personally before he came on the show and also of his struggles. Even so, he still managed to surpass my expectations and inspire the heck out of me.

Further plans for the webcast?

We’re not sure where the future will lie, but we do hope to build the show and its following. It would be pretty awesome to get picked up by a network like Al Jazeera or Huff Post.

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