Illegal Moose Killing

moose-remainsEarly last week, we became aware of a disturbing story from north-western Manitoba regarding the illegal killing of 15 moose along highways in and around the Grass River Provincial Park. One of the photos shows two, fully formed moose foetuses in the remains of a cow moose shot illegally along a road. The incident and story has drawn outrage from the hunting community. Our moose population in many parts of the Province is in crisis. Our remaining cow moose are a precious resource, and the females are the key to us having any chance of bringing back our moose. Please read our press release regarding the incident here. Our release has received extensive coverage in the media late last week which will hopefully raise awareness about the plight of our moose, and perhaps lead to the identification of the individuals who shot the moose around Grass River Park.

We need your help. Please forward this message to any hunter you know – licensed, First Nations, or Metis – so that we can bring awareness to this problem. Next, contact your MLA and let them know that it is time for serious action in protecting our moose and other big game. Please also let them know that as hunters, we do not want the dangerous and unsustainable practice of spot lighting to continue in Manitoba.

If you are part of a MWF Club, perhaps you could consider forwarding this enews to any local media contacts you have.

On behalf of our President Brian Strauman, our Board, our staff and our 14,000 members, thanks for your help.

Yours in Conservation,

Rob Olson – Managing Director
Manitoba Wildlife Federation