How To Write A Basic Press Release

Simply put a press release tells the world about your product, service and/or message. Sounds simple enough right? Well it is, but there is more to it than that. To get the most out of your press release you must grab the reader’s attention and do it right away. Make the reader take notice by making them excited to read your latest news while not turning them away with too much sales jargon and over-promotion. Only release new information and resist the urge to rehash old events unless they directly apply today. News editors are busy people and they don’t enjoy having their time wasted reading the same things over and over again!

The following is a quick and easy guide to writing a press release for publication on press wire news release services. We recommend submitting press releases often as not all are picked up or noticed – that’s just the way it is. Whenever you have a major announcement like a new product launch, won an award, having a special event etc., put out a new press release. Fresh and unique content is the key here.

Basics Of A Press Release

The Title:
Make your title short and sweet. This is usually the very first thing people read so make it on-topic and attention grabbing. Pick up the major theme of your press release and convey it here.

The Introduction:
The introduction is more of a summation than a true introduction. Make it one full paragraph detailing what your press release is about and why people should care to read the rest. Why is it newsworthy? And leave out any sales talk.

The Body of the Press Release:
Start with your release date and include place(country/state/city) and all the main information of your press release. Here is where you can break down everything you want to talk about. It can be as short as a couple paragraphs if need be, but be sure to include as much information as possible – especially so for complicated information. Tell the reader about your product/service/message in a more detailed manner. Include names, places, dates, numbers and costs if applicable. As well you can include direct quotations from those associated with your press release. This helps bring a more human aspect to your news release but be sure to attribute it to someone including their title like manager, owner etc.

The Summation:
As the title suggests – a basic summation of everything you just wrote. Include part numbers, refund information, sales dates, usage instructions, directions etc.

This part allows you to tell the reader some background information about yourself and/or company. Give a brief history, note awards, how long in business, what your business does and those types of things. Only needs to be a paragraph or two in length. Again avoid over-selling. Make it simple and to the point.

Contact Information:
This may be the most important part and is often the most neglected part of any press release – the contact information. You’ve done your best to reel in the reader so make sure they know how to contact you for more information. Include a contact name, phone number, address, email and website address. Only including a website url doesn’t give the reader a great sense of reassurance that they are dealing with someone reputable. So don’t be shy – use full contact details!

Those are the basics of a general press release. Before submitting a press release to any particular news agency or press release website be sure to review their particular guidelines as each vary slightly. As well be sure to proof-read your submission as nothing looks worse than spelling mistakes! Get a co-worker or friend to read it as well before submission as they might spot something you missed or forgot to add.