Common Sense Files – What Not To Bring To Court

prohibited-items2The Sarnia Police Service Court Security Branch released information on items confiscated from those entering the Lambton County Court.

As with any courthouse, members of the public may be screened through a metal detector and by a court security officer. So before attempting to pass through security you may want to find somewhere else for your lawn mower blades, screwdrivers, scalpels, ammunition, exacto knives, syringes, cap guns, handgun-shaped lighters, and other items that common sense should tell you are going to be prohibited inside a secure location.

Every year in Canada Court Security Officers seize hundreds of prohibited items at each location, as any item considered a security risk will be confiscated before entry is allowed.

And for those thinking court would be more fun with beer – don’t bother. They will and have confiscated that as well. Even your Pabst Blue Ribbon.