Camp Carpe Diem

View from dock at Aylesford LakeAn exciting opportunity is available for parents of children and young adults with epilepsy in Atlantic Canada this summer with Camp Carpe Diem. Camp Carpe Diem is the only known camp currently in Canada exclusively for children living with epilepsy and is the result of hard work by the Brigadoon Children’s Camp Society and Dr. Paula Brna from the IWK Neurology Department. The pediatric epilepsy camp takes place at Brigadoon Village from August 30th till September 2nd, and is hosted by the Brigadoon Children’s Camp Society.

Brigadoon Children’s Camp Society is a non-profit recreational facility located on Aylesford Lake in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Brigadoon Children’s Camp Society along with their partners deliver camp programming to children, youth and families living with a chronic illness, chronic condition, or special need across the Atlantic Canada region. Brigadoon Village serves as a comfortable and welcoming location where the campers can make new friends with kids facing similar challenges. The campers are exposed to new things while being given the opportunity to be themselves.

Campers canoeing at Brigadoon VillageCamp Carpe Diem has garnered strong support from a number of families in the local community and has the backing of the IWK’s Neurology Department. In conjunction with the IWK Neurology team, Brigadoon will determine camp eligibility based on the goals of the camp, safety, and the supervision required. Overall Brigadoon anticipates that a total of 24 children will be able to attend Camp Carpe Diem this summer.

Brigadoon Village which encompasses more than 100 acres is a state-of-the-art facility complete with dining halls, an arts hall with seating for 100, and heated lodges. The camp amenities include lakeside dock access, playground, hiking trails, campfire area, play field and an overnight camping area. Kids will be keep busy with activities such as archery, canoeing, arts, drama plays, swimming, and more.

Camp Carpe Diem will mean much friendship and fun for kids and youth with epilepsy from across the Atlantic provinces – all with the beautiful backdrop of Brigadoon Village in the Annapolis Valley.

Dr. Paula Brna – Neurologist, IWK Health Centre

For those interested Brigadoon offers a variety of specialized camps in the summer along with family weekend camps in the Spring and Fall Seasons. Fees paid towards the different camps are tax deductible.

Big Thank You to Brigadoon VillageAll of Brigadoon’s programs exist, only with the support from members of the community. Their generous donations give Brigadoon an opportunity to offer camp programming to hundreds of deserving children each year.

Donations of any size help children experience the various unique programs. You can learn more about the available programs or donate online by visiting

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